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Goiuri Bikini Denda is a third generation local Bikini shop specialised in selling bikinis. Shopping for a bikini in San Sebastian can be a unique experience.

We are one of the most experienced stores selling Australian Brands in Europe. We follow the Australian philosophy of selling separates. You can mix and match pants and tops of different color, patterns and in all different sizes. Our own team of shop assistants that are also graphic designers and artists make the designs and patterns of our own swimwear brand. With the philosophy we make and sell our own locally designed bikini and swimsuit collection adapting it to the taste and needs of our Basque clients. Our store in Donostia San Sebastian, one the rainiest capitals of Europe is one of the most acclaimed point for shopping bikinis.

Summer 2022

Bikini collections


We design and manufacture and sell our own collection, adapting it to the taste and tendencies of our local and international clients. 

We strengthen local fashion culture. Our graphic designers follow the whole process, from designing to selling the final product. We play with new textile materials introducing recycled clothing and experimenting with new patterning methods. We test the results on our local clients and base our new designs on their satisfaction and feedback  acquiring a shared wisdom on Basque culture. 

Furthermore, most of our production is manufactured 5 minutes away from the store, Our brand is KM0.


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San Sebastian local bikini shop. Sustainable local brand. Since 2021 all our bikinis are made with recycled materials.

San Sebastian Local Bikini shop